Friday, February 27, 2009

What happened In the new flying bridge.

Near Padi Railway station, a new over bridge was opened a week before for reducing traffic after a year long construction cycle. A friend of mine who lives near thirumullaivoyal had to go to coimbedu, he should have used the regular path to go instead he was eager to go on the new bridge. So he just started to climb the bridge with his bike packing him on its back. The structure of the bridge was like an octopus, a ring like structure in middle and arms extending every side.
After moving to the top he seemed to have stumbled, he missed the correct path and went a circle around the ring.After that he just took one of the arms to slide down the bridge.With an hope that it was the correct path he was just following the road for around 3 miles.Then he stopped as he realised that it is the wrong path.
Adding to this he didn't used that lane before,So he asked a person for a proper way, again it ended up as wrong route. Then he started to take the reverse and came back to the same junction and this time he used the usual lane. May be Look before you leap would suite for him I think, Whatever...

Stop spitting in Road please!!!!

A decently dressed guy with a briefcase in hand,actually no one would expect such a person to show such an behaviour in a public place.This happened yesterday around 2.00 PM noon.I was returning to my home after meeting our project guide in college.It was a public transport(locally called MTC bus).I was lucky as I got a seat.There was that person two seats before me.
The bus almost crossed 6 miles, after that he started spitting through the window, all along the road he continued this act until he alighted,in an interval of 10 or fifteen minutes.
This was really disgusting as for as me concerned.Every peg of saliva mixed with some stuff(that gave it a reddish brown colour)that he laid was like the dump of a flock of birds.I suppose even birds won't do such an act anyway.
In India,I don't think there are any laws or rules to stop this, but I have heard of being penalised for doing such nuisance at public places in various other part of the world.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Thought being messaged.

A friend of mine started a new series of messages named as thoughts. Daily he used to send at least one message in this series apart from those usual forward messages. Most of the times his messages take the form of questions for which he might have expected an answer as reply probably. Also the messages seem to have some complicated structure depicting that it was being framed seriously. I hope of sending a reply at least after putting a message card in my mobile phone.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Old people like to be recognized.

Not all people in this world live longer, due to various reasons. But some do, it is obvious that they show childish behavior as they grew old. This would have been inferred by most of us.
I happened to meet a good old grandma this morning. I went to their home where she lives with her daughter’s family to give something that my mom told to me. This family moved to our area only months before and to say they are really nice people.
This was my first visit, so she led me to see around their new home. After that she started to speak about, her own life right from beginning. I started to think that I was caught. But it was a surprise to me that she spoke so frankly about all those things that took place in her own life, without any kind of hesitation. It went for two hours, in the mean time we (me and granny) were given coffee two times by her daughter (aunt).
When it winds up aunt asked me whether I was bored by granny, she also added that the granny use to talk a lot like that. This bit of information made me realize the real thing behind. It is not the information that she shares with me matters, she just want someone to talk to, to say what her experience are. Since I always tried to be a listener, I am happy that she got someone today, who listens to her keenly.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

A lot happened here..

Such a gap for around two months is really a bit long period to accept myself as a bad blogger. Of course there are reasons behind this; anyway I hope this won’t happen again. This post is to solve two issues. Firstly to break the gap in blogging and as a start to continue with many more posts describing new things that happen around me. I have also planned to write about other things also, specifically about various accessories that we use normally.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Defending oneself.

I would like to share about behavior( in my aspects). The role of an individual as a defender starts right from the womb.He forcibly gets his survival needs(nutrients and food)from mother, this act continues through out the life, because there is a need to defend in some way or the other to get a thing for which many compete.
As said Charity begins at home, everything starts focused on personal needs at least till they are either fulfilled or suppressed(controlled). In both the case there is a purpose to defend, if it is to be fulfilled then there is a need to defend the external barriers that avoid the need from being fulfilled. Otherwise there is a need to defend mental constraints that invoke the desire towards the need. Thus it is the defender's(oneself) option to choose.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

What does OLLG stands for?

My friends asked me this question after visiting my online profiles. This is just a name I choose as nick name, in blogging and most of my online accounts. I’m don't think it resemble or refers anybody else.

To define how I came out with this name. It's mere co-incidence. When I started an Neopets( online community) account, my pet wants a name and I thought a name as HISAS. Similarly this name strikes my mind when I was asked for a user name in a PTC site. After words I was grabbed by that name and started using the same every where.

Maybe this is not an interesting reason to share, don’t mind. I don't want anyone to think like "What does OLLG stands for?".